Tippet Rise celebrates the synergy of art, architecture, music, and nature, out of which we weave our identities. Through interviews and conversations and by sharing extraordinary musical moments from the art center, the Tippet Rise podcasts explore these connections.


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Making Xylem: Circles, Senses, and Community


World-renowned architect Francis Kéré has designed Tippet Rise’s new 2,100-square-foot pavilion, Xylem. Ten teams of highly skilled and passionate people worked together to build the natural gathering space where communities can meet, share, and listen. Nestled in a grove of aspen and cottonwood trees beside Grove Creek and the art center’s central campus, Xylem was completed in July of 2019.

From Far-Reaching Places

24 min

In the summer of 2018, Yevgeny Sudbin, Johannes Moser, and Vadim Gluzman traveled to Tippet Rise, crossing land and sea to share their passion for the intimate dialogue of chamber music and the characters and inspirations behind it. They inspired us: not only through their extraordinary performances, but also through the stories they shared (one with a beautifully serendipitous twist).

Two Pianos in One


Like every pianist, pianos have their own unique characteristics. Choosing the perfect pairing of musician and instrument can be a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun. In this podcast, Michael Brown, Adam Golka, and Roman Rabinovich seek the perfect piano on which to record three solo albums of music by Haydn, Beethoven, Medtner, and Ravel.

Paris in a piano

26 min

Whether it‘s nature, culture, the freedom of improvisation, or the metallic sound of bells, inspiration comes in many forms. Like Paris in the 1920’s, Tippet Rise Art Center strives to serve as an intersection of art, music, land, and sky, to provide an environment where conversations and exchanges can take place to inspire new ideas and creative forms of expression.

Winter Rise

21 min

As we move from winter to spring, we take a moment to reflect on the beauty and severity of the region we inhabit. Narrative and poems extracted from Peter Halstead’s book A Winter Ride describe the unique environment of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the humility we experience from being immersed in its majesty.

Pedja Muzijevic

19 min

Today’s episode, produced by Naomi Lewin, features Pedja Muzijevic, the newly appointed Artistic Advisor of Tippet Rise.

The Pianos of Tippet Rise

15 min

Today’s episode, produced by Naomi Lewin, is about the extraordinary pianos at Tippet Rise – including one that belonged to legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz.

Aaron Jay Kernis


Hosted by the award-winning classical music radio announcer, Naomi Lewin, this episode features Aaron Jay Kernis, the Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, and explores two pieces he wrote for Tippet Rise: First Club Date, for piano and cello, and Oasis, for string quartet. We hear musicians, audience members and the art center’s cofounders reflect on Kernis’ work, and we hear the composer discuss a major inspiration for Oasis: the rugged Montana landscape, which he calls “a heavenly place.”

Peter at the Piano: Robert Schumann's "Clara" Theme

18 min

The gifted pianist and composer, Clara Wieck, also served as muse: first to Robert Schumann, whom she eventually married, and then to Johannes Brahms. Four descending notes, known as Schumann’s “Clara” theme, run through many of his beloved works for piano, including his Romance. Years later, Brahms used these four notes in intermezzi he wrote for Clara as apology for the devastating heartbreak he had caused her. In this fascinating episode, we hear Tippet Rise’s co-founder, Peter Halstead, explore and explain these four gorgeous notes that repeat, and repeat again, through time.

National Identities

15 min

Our identities are shaped by the cultures that surround us. In this episode, we journey around the world to hear how the national identities of three composers influenced their music. Featuring music by Frédéric Chopin, Isang Yun, and Francisco Mignone.


15 min

Passed down through centuries, storytelling is a distinctively human tradition that doesn’t always rely on spoken language. In this episode, we explore narratives that tell stories using just musical sound. Featuring music by Maurice Ravel, Modest Mussorgsky, and George Enescu.

Love Songs

14 min

Love can completely transform us – for better or for worse. In this episode, we listen to musical songs (with and without words) that convey this transformative power of love. Featuring music by Gabriel Kahane, Richard Wagner, and Arnold Schoenberg.


12 min

Like a dessert at the end of a satisfying meal, the encore can be a delightful finish to the close of a spectacular concert. In this episode, we hear a selection of encores from Tippet Rise’s summer 2017 concert season.