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Snows and Songs and Ghosts

In the Himalayas, I slept on my camera, to keep it from freezing during the forty-below nights. I carried some 200 rolls of Kodachrome 25. That was before digital. My Sherpa lost my tent when he fell fifty feet into a crevasse…
-Peter Halstead

Wind Around the Stars

Many of the Sherpas who carried my bags in 1984 moved to Colorado and ended up working on our ranch there. When, twenty years later, I showed them my slides of the Khumbu villages, they looked at me and said, “That was us. Those were our families.”
-Peter Halstead

On the Rim of Time

I had been in the Himalayas in 1964, just before trekking started, and I wanted to capture them before they disappeared. The roof of the embassy collapsed, destroying the Bechstein I had concertized on the night before, which was the impetus for telling the larger story, which I turned into a novel. Fiction is the only safe way of telling the truth…
-Peter Halstead


Some critic once described my Chopin Barcarolle as a “shipwreck.” I realized that Chopin’s boat song is all about dangling spars and broken masts, like Frank Hurley’s photos of Shackleton’s flagship, Endurance, crushed in the ice of the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. Not a slick poled gondola, Chopin’s boat is a thing of shreds and patches, shrouds lost in the mists. Maybe in the end it sinks…
-Peter Halstead

Artist Profiles

Ingrid Fliter

In 2018, Ms. Fliter made her Tippet Rise debut, playing Chopin’s gorgeously melodic songs of the night. “There is no questioning Fliter’s innate affinity for Chopin…Fliter realizes her poetic potential most convincingly,” said Gramophone of her 2018 recording, Nocturnes. Ms. Fliter is the only woman, and one of just a handful of pianists, to win the Gilmore Artist Award.

Jenny Chen

Featuring words about, and from, the remarkable young pianist Jenny Chen who has performed at Tippet Rise each summer since the inaugural season. You’ll also find details on Jenny’s recording, Jenny Chen in Recital, recorded live at Tippet Rise in 2017. About the recording, Peter Halstead says, it is “a fruitful feast of sonata, preludes, fantasia, variations, nocturne, and etudes, under the strings of influences that passed on from one to another: from Mozart’s refined simplicity to Chopin, and from Chopin’s operatic and colorful music to Debussy’s dreamy musical pictures.” Jenny Chen in Recital is available to download for free from our Music Downloads Library.

Peter Halstead

Tippet Rise Co-Founder Peter Halstead recorded Brahms’ final pieces for the piano in the Olivier Music Barn. This book offers essays exploring those pieces and the emotions and places that inspired them: the composer’s love for the gifted pianist and composer, Clara Schumann, and his summers in the German Alps. Brahms in the Mountains is available to download for free from our Music Downloads Library.

Pedja Muzijevic

This book offers insights on the extraordinary pianist, Pedja Muzijevic, who we are honored to say also serves as the art center’s Artistic Advisor. It includes details on a live recording of his performance at Tippet Rise in 2018 of works by Scarlatti, Cowell, Granados, Satie, Debussy, Cage and Schumann. Pedja’s recording is available to download for free from our Music Downloads Library.

Adam Golka

Adam Golka has studied with Alfred Brendel, Sir András Schiff, Leon Fleisher, and Murray Perahia, all Beethoven specialists. He has played all 32 Beethoven sonatas in an 8-concert series, coupled with videos explaining his views on each sonata. The first album of his Beethoven cycle, recorded in the Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise, has just been released on First Hand Records. This book includes details on that recording, insights on Adam, and an essay by Adam himself. Adam’s recording, Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1, is available to download for free from our Music Downloads Library.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown visited Tippet Rise to record in January of 2019. The album was produced by fellow pianists Adam Golka and Roman Rabinovich and features works by Ravel and Medtner. This book includes details on that recording, insights on Michael, and an essay by Michael himself. Michael’s recording, Noctuelles, can be found in our Music Downloads Library.

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