Thoughtful designs blending with, and respecting, the environment

The Tiara Acoustic Shell

By Peter Halstead

We had been talking with Arup Engineers in New York for years about various outdoor pavilions they’d designed. Finally, I designed my own, because we had a lot of leftover doors, and I saw them as a great way of bouncing sound to an outdoor audience…

The Olivier Music Barn

By Peter Halstead and Alban Bassuet

The rusted exterior of the Olivier Music Barn always appears when you come around the bend as a pleasant surprise, like the ochre moss-covered rocks from the region. Its monochromatic appearance gives it a modern look, a personality which corresponds with the monochromatic tones of the landscape, the way an instrument folds into an orchestra…

Will's Shed

While the Olivier Music Barn is designed for sublime musical experiences, Will’s Shed provides a more casual space for dining, education and community events.