Founders' Statement

Mountains conjure up visions of spiritual quests, of personal renewal. They contain the ionic energy of a lightning storm, the briskness you feel on the first day of college, the excitement of discovering a new path through a revelatory landscape.

We would like to present musicians who embody that sense of vision, that freedom from standard interpretations; musicians who reveal, who innovate, who discover.

There are moments in music where we are, figuratively, struck by lightning, by a phenomenon beyond the music itself, where suddenly the gap between sound and an emotion is bridged. These moments often happen in places that are remote, that are removed from ordinary worries; places without familiar landmarks. Here we see our own shadows extended over a valley, we feel the static in the high grass. Patterns in the clouds become clear; the fences we carry around with us expand to the horizon.

We’ve all felt these invisible currents. Most often, they happen outside, or they happen to music. We hope to provide the kind of atmosphere and the kind of performers where such accidents are encouraged.

-Peter and Cathy Halstead

Meet the Team