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A message from Tippet Rise on the crisis in Ukraine

March 6, 2022

Now, more than ever, as we witness the tragic suffering of the Ukrainian people under violent attack in their own homes, and as the world unites against this injustice, we think of how art also brings us together. It has become evident to all of us suddenly that, no matter what our backgrounds are, we have more similarities than differences.

We were moved by this powerful performance of the Ukrainian national anthem by the New York Metropolitan Opera, including Vladyslav Buialskyi, a Ukrainian singer making his Met debut, singing with his hand over his heart, as well as video footage of a Ukrainian woman singing the national anthem through tears as she sweeps up glass from her mother’s home in Kiev, after the building had been bombed. This article in The New York Times includes several beautiful, but heartbreaking, videos of Ukrainian musicians performing classical music during the ongoing war.

For those who are able and looking for organizations to lend their support to the people of Ukraine, please consider donating any amount to the following:

International Rescue Committee
Save the Children-Ukraine
UN Crisis Relief: Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund

When homes, families, neighborhoods, and cities are devastated in Ukraine, poetry is the window to meaning which cannot be destroyed. Our sister organization, the Adrian Brikerhoff Poetry Foundation, has collected words and poetry written in Ukraine, which for centuries has contributed to the Ukrainian national identity. These can be found here.

We are also compiling a series of videos celebrating composers and performers of Ukraine origin and relation. Please click ’More info’ to view this collection.

With wishes for peace,
The Tippet Rise Team

Photo credit: Matthew Thompson, courtesy of the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation