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We hope you will enjoy these more detailed versions of concerts and recording sessions!

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The Tippet Rise Team


The members of the chamber music collective Decoda sit in a semi-circle performing in the Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise Art Center.



Recorded in the Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise in January of 2023 and released by Bright Shiny Things, DECODA is the debut album of the chamber music collective, Decoda.

William Hagen stands at the edge of a cliff playing violin with green hills and mountains in the background.

William Hagen at Tippet Rise

William Hagen, violin

Recorded in the Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise in June of 2022, William Hagen performed Ysaÿe’s Sonata No. 5 for Violin. That same summer he created a music video of the work’s second movement, Dance rustique, and later returned to the art center in May of 2023 to film a sunrise-inspired music video of the first movement, L’Aurore.

Liszt Deljavan

Alessandro Deljavan, piano

Recorded in the Olivier Music Barn in December of 2017, produced by Monte Nickles with associate producer Kathy Geisler, and released by Aeras Music Group, Alessandro Deljavan performed a selection by Franz Liszt, including the four Mephisto Waltzes, Sonata in B Minor, and the Valse-Impromptu.

Roman Rabinovich

Roman Rabinovich, piano

We are grateful to Roman for the opportunity to present a small part of his vibrant and enormous project here in high-quality downloads. As the BBC Music Magazine put it, “His sound is bright, muscular and clean, and he brings out all the wit and delicacy of Haydn’s invention; his articulation is immaculate no matter how fast he goes; and he responds imaginatively.”

Ingrid Fliter

Ingrid Fliter, Piano

In 2018, Ms. Fliter made her Tippet Rise debut, playing Chopin’s gorgeously melodic songs of the night. “There is no questioning Fliter’s innate affinity for Chopin…Fliter realizes her poetic potential most convincingly,” said Gramophone of her 2018 recording, Nocturnes. Ms. Fliter is the only woman, and one of just a handful of pianists, to win the Gilmore Artist Award.

Jenny Chen: Live at Tippet Rise 2017

Jenny Chen, piano

Live in Concert, a fruitful feast of music in different genres (sonata, preludes, fantasia, variations, nocturne, etudes), under the strings of influences that passed on from one to another; from Mozart’s refined simplicity to Chopin, and from Chopin’s operatic and colorful music to Debussy’s dreamy musical pictures.