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The Gryphon Trio and Calidore String Quartet at Tippet Rise: Talking about Perfect Halls and Great Chamber Music

June 13, 2023

Tippet Rise Art Center has a jewel box of a concert hall: the Olivier Music Barn. Audiences love it, and so do all the world-class musicians who come to Tippet Rise each year. Two great chamber music ensembles – the Gryphon Trio and the Calidore String Quartet – performed Tippet Rise the same weekend in September 2022, and sat for interviews in front of their audiences. As the name suggests, “chamber music” was created for intimate performance spaces – in Baroque palaces. You may not think that sounds intimate, but Joseph Haydn composed his music for the room in a European palace that the engineering and design firm Arup used as the model for the Olivier Music Barn.

Produced and narrated by Naomi Lewin
Recorded and mixed by Naomi Lewin
Mastered by Monte Nickles
Photo by Kevin Kinzley