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Winter Rise

April 4, 2019

As we move from winter to spring, we take a moment to reflect on the beauty and severity of the region we inhabit. Narrative and poems extracted from Peter Halstead’s book A Winter Ride describe the unique environment of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the humility we experience from being immersed in its majesty.

“Winterreise” read by Carl Mayer
“Snow Night” read by Beth Huhtala
“Snow Dome” read by Ben Wynthein
“Snow Light” read by Melissa Moore
“Cloud Stems” read by Alexis Adams
“Rime” read by Lindsey Hinmon
“Snow Sun” read by Emily Rund

Produced and narrated by Zachary Patten
Photo by Alex Coyle
Photo Editing by Emily Rund
Sound Design and Mixing by Monte Nickles

Red Arc / Blue Veil by John Luther Adams, performed by Vicky Chow and Doug Perkins

A Winter Ride by Peter Halstead ©2018 by The Adrian Brinkerhoff Foundation