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Explore the sights and sounds of Tippet Rise from the comforts of home

April 2, 2020

During challenging times, the resonant notes of beloved music can soothe our anxious minds and provide sustenance for our souls. Jeffrey Kahane’s breathtaking improvisation on Samuel A. Ward’s America the Beautiful is that kind of music. A beautiful recording of this piece, which Jeffrey played as an encore during his 2017 solo piano recital at Tippet Rise, is one of many concert videos available on our website and our YouTube channel. In addition to these recordings and our other films, we invite you to explore the Tippet Rise site, which we hope will offer some magic and inspiration during the hours you’re spending at home.

First, to learn about the visionaries behind the extraordinary land art we are so lucky to have here, visit the Art page. There, you will meet four legendary sculptors: Patrick Dougherty, Stephen Talasnik, Mark di Suvero and Alexander Calder. You’ll also read about Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, who lead the team that created the fantastic structures of landscape at Tippet Rise, and you’ll meet the celebrated architect, Francis Kéré, maker of our beloved Xylem.

After you have familiarized yourself with the people behind the sculptures and sculptural structures at Tippet Rise, you might take a look at our Photography page. Or, dive into the Program Books which, through essays, interviews and photographs, will take you back in time, season by season, through our first four summers of classical music at the art center. Our podcast episodes can keep you entertained as you repaint your living room (many are, we hear) or rest on the couch. There are also links to a few of the many artists sharing their beautiful music with the world through online performances. And then there is the option of a virtual tour of the Tippet Rise landscape, art and architecture via Google Arts & Culture and Google Street View.

As you while away the time, please know that along with the views and insights you’ll glean through our online offerings, you have our friendship and our wishes that someday soon our paths will cross here at the art center—that we will traverse this landscape together, on foot or by van or even by bicycle, and share the joy and profundity of an encore—right here, beneath the big Montana sky.

Photo by James Florio.