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Brahms: Piano Quartet No 3 in C Minor, Op 60, Mvmt I-II - Kazovsky, Even-Tov, Grüning and Demidenko

Performed live by Alexandra Kazovsky, Amit Even-Tov and Jan Grüning of The Ariel String Quartet with Nikolai Demidenko at Tippet Rise Art Center on 18 June 2016. Located in Fishtail, Montana, Tippet Rise celebrates art, music, architecture, and nature: inextricably linked in the human experience, each making the others more powerful.

Brahms, Johannes: Piano Quartet No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 60
0:00 - Opening
0:02 - Allegro non troppo
10:50 - Andante, un poco Adagio

Performed by The Ariel String Quartet with Nikolai Demidenko:
Alexandra Kazovsky, violin
Amit Even-Tov, cello
Jan Grüning, viola
Nikolai Demidenko, piano

Program book:

Produced in house at Tippet Rise Art Center

Film Director: Ramsey Fendall
Camera Operators: Ramsey Fendall, Katie Mullen, Billy Collins
Editor: Kevin Richey
Audio Recording: Mickey Houlihan, Monte Nickles, Jake Pickett, Joe Shepard
Audio Editor: Jim Ruberto
Audio Mastering: Monte Nickles