This extraordinary pastoral by Franz Schubert takes one astonishing melody and repeats it in various ways which increase its revelations, similar to the Claude Lelouch film, Viva la Vie, where every time you think you understand the film, it starts again at a higher level.

For Schubert the indolent gaslamp Hapsburg night repeated itself endlessly, the same summer evening in different voices. Classical music is just that: a pinwheel that is never the same, no matter how many times it spins; a “magic record” which tells different stories every time you put the needle down in the same place; an Aurora Borealis whose ions are constantly reinvented by the solar wind, magnetized plasma incited into sheets, curtains, waves, cascades, and rays by the solar storms we call sunspots. We are the observers whose presence changes the world, as if the night sky performs for us.

We hope everyone who comes to Tippet Rise will find that, like the magic record or the Northern Lights, the skies, the notes, are always the same, just in deepening and heightening magnetic shades.

Franz Schubert: Notturno in E-flat Major, Op. 148
Performed by Sasha Kazovsky (violin), Amit Even-Tov (cello), Jeffrey Kahane (piano)
Tippet Rise Art Center, the Domo, August 12, 2017

Film Director: Kathy Kasic
Film Producer: Mickey Houlihan
Cinematographer: Dawson Dunning
Sound Recording: Monica Bolles, Monte Nickles
Piano Tuner: Mike Toia
Sound Editor: Joe Shepard
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Monte Nickles
Camera Assistants: Emily Rund, Sarah Lanier
Editor: Kathy Kasic
Edit Assistant: Emily Rund
Music Consultant: Devanney Haruta