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Visit the new Tippet Rise Music Downloads Library

July 30, 2020

With so many of us working from and spending more time at home, what better way to enjoy music than as if you were right in a concert hall? We are excited to launch a new project today—the Music Downloads Library! It has long been a goal of ours to share recordings that capture the feeling of a live concert in the art center’s Olivier Music Barn. These files, offered in digital eXtreme definition (DXD), capture the three-dimensionality of performances in the Music Barn, a quality that is absent from lower-resolution recordings.


The Library is a free, curated collection of downloads recorded at Tippet Rise Art Center. It features performances by pianists Jenny Chen, Peter Halstead, and Pedja Muzijevic, and will soon have recordings by John Luther Adams, Michael Brown, Roman Rabinovich, Adam Golka, and Julien Brocal, among others.

20200310_Pedja_Rund-52 (1).jpg

The downloads are accompanied by extensive digital books that include artists’ biographies, program notes written by the artists, wide-ranging essays, photos, and technical information about the recordings. The recordings will also be available on Spotify and AmazonHD at a later date.

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DXD is playable on many computers and DXD files only take a few minutes or less to download. For a truly resonant experience, we recommend wearing headphones, or using simple headphone amps/converters to expand what you can hear even more. For additional information about how to listen, please make sure to visit the Library’s FAQ section.

Beyond the notes, we hope you will hear in these files the warmth of sound reverberating in the Music Barn, and other feelings that make our Tippet Rise summers memorable – the Montana twilight, the sound of a distant stream, the fading laughter of visitors as they depart Tippet Rise, and the calm and relief we take from music.

To visit the new Music Downloads Library, please click on “More info” below.

-Cathy and Peter Halstead

Photo credits: A recording session at Tippet Rise, photo by Emily Rund. Jenny Chen performing beneath the Domo, photo by Erik Petersen. Pedja Muzijevic in front of Francis Kéré’s Xylem at Tippet Rise, photo by Emily Rund. Peter, Cathy, Liza, and Jenny, Nantucket, 1979.