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Tippet Rise to Participate in Poetry Ireland’s 2023 International Residency Program

February 17, 2023

Poetry Ireland recently announced five recipients of its International Residency, titled “I bhFad i gCéin,” and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this program as a residency host.

I bhFad i gCéin, which means “far-afield,” is inspired by the poetic spirit of adventure and aims to directly invest in the careers and development of Irish poets by enhancing their networks and experiences.

This fall, the poet Róisín Kelly, a self-proclaimed “seeker of remoteness,” will travel to Tippet Rise for two weeks, where she will have the opportunity to become immersed in the art center, our vast landscape, and our surrounding communities. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and raised in Leitrim, Ireland, Kelly currently lives in the city of Cork. Her first full collection of poetry, Mercy, was published by Bloodaxe Books in 2020. She is currently writing a novel and a second poetry collection. 

During her stay in Montana, Kelly will also lead a poetry reading at Montana State University in Bozeman on October 9, followed by participating in San Francisco’s literary festival, LitQuake, before returning home to Ireland.

Additional recipients of Poetry Ireland’s I bhFad i gCéin program include poets Liz Houchin, Nithy Kasa, James Conor Paterson, and Molly Twomey, with residencies in Edinburgh, New York, Berlin, and Manchester respectively.

Poetry Ireland is a collaborative partner of our sister organization, the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation. Together, both organizations have created poetry films across Ireland and collaborated on a 2021 film exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The residency program is funded by Ireland’s Arts Council in association with the country’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

To read more about Poetry Ireland and this exciting program, click here. We look forward to welcoming Róisín Kelly this fall!

Above image: Róisín Kelly will travel to Tippet Rise for two weeks this fall.
Header image: The 2023 recipients of Poetry Ireland’s I bhFad i gCéin program. James Patterson, Molly Twomey, Nithy Kasa, Liz Houchin & Roisin Kelly.
All photos by Mark Stedman.