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The latest episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast: "Sharing Emotion Through Technology"

December 7, 2021

“Classical music engineers have always been at the forefront of audio technology,” says Zachary Patten, producer and narrator of the Tippet Rise Podcast, “using the latest tools to capture the warmth of an instrument’s tone, the brilliance of a concert hall’s acoustics, and the depth of a composer’s emotion.”

This month’s podcast episode explores the inner workings of what some of us would say is the heart of the Olivier Music Barn: the recording studio, which sits high above the audience at the concert hall’s stern. From there, our audio engineers attend every performance, attuned to every note as they work to capture the music that is made beneath them. In the process, they transform beautiful performances into similarly beautiful high-resolution recordings, which are available to everyone, everywhere to stream and to download for free.

“We’d like to talk about how the recordings are made, how technology changes the way we share music, how it changes us and gives us more immersive ways of experiencing this music,” adds Zack.

We hope you’ll listen to this fascinating episode! To do so, please click on “More info” below.

Photo of the Olivier Music Barn by Erik Petersen