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The Coole Park Poetry Series

February 22, 2021

In September, a celebration of the works of the Irish playwright, author, and folklorist Lady Augusta Gregory opened on the grounds of Galway’s Coole Park. Called DruidGregory, the event featured five of Gregory’s one-act plays performed entirely outdoors, in the fields, forests, and gardens of her historic home.

Tippet Rise’s sister organization, the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, traveled to Galway to attend DruidGregory and to film the Coole Park Poetry Series which was part of the event. For the series and the films that resulted, poets of a variety of cultural backgrounds read their own work and the work of poets historically associated with Coole Park, including Lady Gregory, J.M. Synge, and W.B. Yeats.

Lady Gregory, along with Yeats, founded the legendary Abbey Theatre at Coole; she and Yeats also founded the modern country of Ireland there. Although her mansion is now a ruin, it is resurrected in the plays and poems and the love of words, theater, and Ireland itself which is on display there.

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