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Thank you for a wonderful 2022 summer season!

September 26, 2022

Over the past 15 weeks, we have been thrilled to welcome guests to our beautiful corner of Montana for an exciting season of art, music, and nature at Tippet Rise, and we are so grateful to everyone who played a role in creating this magical summer.

In reflecting upon the 2022 concert season, our co-founders Cathy and Peter Halstead added, “We would like to thank the more than 30 artists who traveled from across the country and as far away as Hungary to share their talents with us. Each concert this season was unforgettable, from lively recitals held inside the Olivier Music Barn that had guests leaping from their seats in applause, to the more tranquil performances held outdoors in Cathy’s Meadow, the Tiara, and Will’s Shed, where the sounds of the breeze or nearby songbirds added their own resonance.”

You can read more about each of the concert weekends here. If you were not able to join us in person for a concert this year, our talented team of filmmakers and sound engineers will be adding high-definition films and recordings of many of the performances to our website in the coming months.


A new artwork for the Visitor Center

Guests of all ages including hikers, bikers, van tour participants, families, and even our visiting musicians, also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience monumental new artworks installed throughout the ranch by Ensamble Studio, Patrick Dougherty, Mark di Suvero, and Ai Weiwei. Most recently, we installed a new large-scale textile work by artist Marie Watt in the Visitor Center within the Olivier Music Barn. Depicting a sunset in the clouds, Companion Species (Floating and Held) evokes the sense of comfort, warmth, and healing that a blanket provides from birth until the end of life. As a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians with German-Scot ancestry, the work also pays tribute to the artist’s heritage in which blankets are considered precious gifts, and a blessing for the giver and receiver alike.


Fall and beyond at Tippet Rise

While our summer season may have ended, there are many projects and programs to come. We are excited to welcome several special guests to Tippet Rise this fall as part of a new film project called “Relevance of Place,” which will later debut on the Tippet Rise website. Led by Shannon Jackson, a longtime professor of art and design at UC Berkeley, “Relevance of Place” gathers artists, architects, and thought leaders to discuss the meaning of place in our rapidly changing world. Shannon Jackson and Marie Watt will be joined by architect, artist, and UC Berkeley professor Ron Rael, as well as Pritzker Prize-winning architect Francis Kéré, whose pavilion Xylem at Tippet Rise continues to offer guests a serene and contemplative space. We were so pleased to welcome several “Relevance of Place” participants to Tippet Rise last spring, including Walter J. Hood, principal of Hood Design Studio and a former Macarthur Fellowship “Genius Grant” recipient; pioneering performance and social practice artist Suzanne Lacy; and Wyoming-based architect Laura Viklund of Gunnstock Timber Frames, who beautifully designed many of the buildings and structures at Tippet Rise. We cannot wait to share more with you soon.