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Still available to watch: Yevgeny Sudbin's August 12 concert stream

August 12, 2021

First streamed on August 12, 2021, this online concert features pianist Yevgeny Sudbin, called by The Telegraph “one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century.” Yevgeny’s performance remains available to stream on-demand for free.

About the Artist
As a four-year-old in St. Petersburg, Yevgeny would thumb through his parents’ collection of LPs and play along with his favorite, a recording of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, on his family’s upright piano. Even for a prodigy, this was astonishing. Yevgeny now has an illustrious international career, both as a soloist and with many of the world’s greatest orchestras. The Times has called him a “wonder pianist.” Gramophone said his Scriabin recording was “flecked with personal touches and brilliances above and beyond even Scriabin’s wildest demands…This, put suitably euphorically, is a disc in a million.”

Those of us who have heard him at Tippet Rise remember his immense intelligence and charisma. Yevgeny not only explores; he discovers. We are excited to present his concert to you here.

About the Event
The concert stream looks back to an idyllic July evening at Tippet Rise when Yevgeny gave an exciting performance of works by Scriabin, Scarlatti, and (fittingly) Tchaikovsky. Admission to the concert is free. To attend, please click here.