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PREROGATIvE Kitchen comes to Tippet Rise

February 11, 2020

We are excited to announce our partnership with Red Lodge’s celebrated eatery, PREROGATIvE Kitchen. Beginning this summer, the restaurant will serve lunch and dinner to concert ticketholders and tour guests in Will’s Shed, the dining pavilion at Tippet Rise.

Opened in March, 2018 by Gena Burghoff and chefs-owners Chris Lockhart and Danny Mowatt, PREROGATIvE Kitchen serves fresh, flavorful, creative fare. The restaurant has garnered praise from customers and the press for its innovative, delicious dishes and its chic, welcoming ambience. Regionally produced ingredients, from meats to herbs, greens, and root vegetables grown in nearby Luther and Laurel, feature prominently on the à la carte menu.

“For us it is not only about serving amazing local food, it’s about offering an experience,” says Gena. “Our goal is for people to leave our establishments feeling happier than when they walked in. If we can accomplish this while also supporting our local agriculture and economy, we consider it a win!”

These values will continue inspire the trio’s work—both at Tippet Rise and at their flagship restaurant at the former City Bakery in downtown Red Lodge. PREROGATIvE Kitchen is also known for collecting donations and passing them on to local charities, and inspiring other restaurants to do the same. As of January of this year, PREROGATIvE Kitchen had collected and given more than $50,000 to area nonprofit organizations since opening in 2018.

About the partnership, Tippet Rise’s co-founders, Peter and Cathy Halstead say:

“We met Chris and Gena when they ran Montana Jack’s in nearby Dean. We were delighted to have such a great place, and great people, in the neighborhood. We were impressed when their cooking morphed into the more elegant Ox Pasture in Red Lodge, and then comforted when, with Danny, they opened their crowd-pleasing Prerogative Kitchen. Somehow, we felt like very involved customers, as everyone does in their welcoming company.

And so we’re gratified that Chris, Gena and Danny are now our partners in the new outpost of PREROGATIvE Kitchen in Will’s Shed at Tippet Rise. We are excited to share their gemütlichkeit (and their Küche) with our community. We know everyone in the region feels the same way about them as we do: their amazing burgers, their chicken, and the best fries in the West. And the spirit which has always been so evident in every place they’ve created. Having been welcomed by them for years, we hope they will now let us welcome them to our place: our mutual place. Their house is our house.”

Gena says, “Six or so years ago a group of people came into our location at Montana Jack’s to discuss a groundbreaking art and music venue. From that day, we have been unbelievably excited to form relationships with everyone involved with this epic project. It was an honor to be asked to join the team. We look forward to many years of bringing in food as art to Tippet Rise!”

As we welcome PREROGATIvE Kitchen, we want to thank our friends Nick Goldman and Wendi Reed who nourished the Tippet Rise team for many years, since before the gates to the art center opened in 2016, and then they nourished our many guests, too. We are grateful for the care and the delicious fare they provided us and we are happy to see them thriving in their Absarokee, Montana establishment, Wild Flower Kitchen.

Visit PREROGATIvE Kitchen online via Instagram, Facebook or their website. For details on dining options available to Tippet Rise concert ticketholders and tour guests, click on “More Info” below.

Welcome to Tippet Rise, Gena, Chris, Danny and the rest of the crew from PREROGATIvE Kitchen!