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October's episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast: The Story of the Land

October 4, 2020

“It’s been said that we are a product of our environment. That experience shapes perspective, and over time, our perspective forms our story. But sometimes we forget that, like us, our environment is also constantly reshaping and reforming, both in terms of what we know about its history and the earth itself. If one lifetime’s perspective can give us a profound understanding of our world, what then is the significance of discovering the many lost worlds of an ancient past, formed in an earlier iteration of our environment, which was completely different than what we experience today? How is our story influenced when we come to understand the story of the land?”

October’s episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast features interviews of geologists Dr. Sarah Friedman and Dr. John Weber. With our podcast producer, Zachary Patten, they discuss the story of this beautiful land and then they meander to conversations about the land’s relationship to sculpture, music, and ourselves.

“At the intersection of art, music, poetry, sky, and land there’s a space to ask these fundamental questions about the earth and about who we are.”

To listen to the latest episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast, featuring music by John Luther Adams, performed by Jenny Chen, please click on “More info” below.