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Now available: Adam Golka's solo album recorded at Tippet Rise

November 13, 2020

We’re thrilled to congratulate Adam Golka, an extraordinary pianist and our friend, on the recent release of his solo recording, Volume 1 of the Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas. Recorded in the Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise in January of 2019, the album was released by England’s First Hand Records on Friday, November 6. It was produced by pianists Michael Brown and Roman Rabinovich, who also recorded their own solo albums that week, and it was engineered, edited, and mastered by Tippet Rise audio engineers, Monte Nickles and Jim Ruberto. For the recording, Adam played our beloved Steinway CD-18, Vladmir Horowitz’s favorite piano, which he used for his concerto recordings during the last ten years of his career.

To listen to an amusing podcast episode about the recording session, please click here. For more information about the album, visit First Hand Records. To watch a video of Adam captured during his recording session at Tippet Rise, please click on “More info” below. And to download the album from our Music Downloads Library, click here.

Congratulations, Adam! And thank you to Monte, Jim and everyone on the Tippet Rise team who assisted with this project.