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Good news for poetry!

June 8, 2020

We will never forget that beautiful summer day in 2016 when Cathy and Peter Halstead welcomed guests to Tippet Rise for the first time. After years of planning and hard work, the art center’s inaugural season was a dream come true: one of classical music, sculpture, and friendship, all blossoming beneath Montana’s big sky.

That same year, Cathy and Peter were hard at work on the creation of yet another cultural endeavor: the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, dedicated to bringing the ongoing tradition of universal poetry to people everywhere. In late April, in conjunction with National Poetry Month, the Foundation inaugurated its new website.

A treasure trove for poetry lovers, the Foundation’s new website features a growing archive of works by celebrated poets of history alongside great contemporary writers, including a series of short films in which poets recite their work and guest artists bring to life poems from past and present. Shot in New York, Dublin, and London, the films present a wide spectrum of readers reciting from their homes and on the streets.

The launch of the new site is the first step toward serving the public more directly, through programs initiated by the Foundation and partnerships with other organizations, including Tippet Rise.

“We look forward to a rich exchange between Brinkerhoff and Tippet Rise, which we consider sister organizations,” said Peter Halstead. “Tippet Rise celebrates the synergy between music, art, architecture, and nature. Poetry has the scope and the elasticity to weave together and explain the connections between these elements. In the years to come, we look forward to the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation organizing formal activities at the art center during its summer seasons.”

To visit the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation’s beautiful website, click on “More info” below.

Mark di Suvero’s Proverb photographed by Erik Petersen