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For all our friends at home with budding musicians

March 31, 2020

Click “More info”, below to see Alik Sudbin in the Jurassic Era, attracting a diverse audience. His sister Bella is also a talented pianist.

His father Yevgeny has been hailed by The Telegraph as “potentially one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century,” and by International Record Reviewas “one of the most important pianistic talents of our time.”

Although I myself haven’t managed to attract a single stegosaurus so far, I was playing the piano in our house in Colorado a few years ago and turned around to see a small brown bear sitting down outside the window, with his head turned like Nipper, the “His Master’s Voice” listening dog, and, nine feet away from him, a deer listening intently. They were both focused on the music, not on any thoughts of attack or flight.

We had a mouse who would rush out in front of the piano and stand up and listen, with his head tilted, when I played. We never chased him away. You have to take your fans where you find them.

And on the tall sliding glass door of our “piano barn” in Colorado, I found a bear print around eight feet up. He had apparently been leaning on the door, listening to me playing. He was too big to be anything but a Grizzly.

To be eaten is probably a bad review. It’s always a good day at the piano when you’re not eaten.

-Peter Halstead