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The first touches of fall color show on the leaves of a Tippet Rise tree.

A message from Tippet Rise

October 12, 2023

To our Tippet Rise community,

Yesterday, our dear friend, Christina Paxson, the President of Brown University, expressed universal sympathy for the recent events in the Middle East, which we would like to share:

“The situation in Israel and Gaza is awful. We are heartbroken for the people of Israel who have been terrorized by the recent events, and who have loved ones who are dead or unaccounted for. We also feel for the families, and especially for the children who were born into lives in the Gaza strip, who are now living in a war zone for reasons beyond their control.”

We share, with the poet Auden, “universal love and hope” as the only response that can soothe the grief that goes hand and hand with our fragile humanity.

With our deepest wish for peace,
The Tippet Rise Team