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A Love of the Land: August's episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast

August 10, 2020

“There is land so surreal that it cries out for dialogue. Building on such land reduces it to an appendix of something human. It reduces it to a building site. But a sculpture elicits a conversation, not only between art and observer but the greater environment and our place in it. A sculpture can slow our pace, focus our senses, and give us a way to hear and understand the message of the land. It offers a window into the land’s special infinity. The outdoor sculptures at Tippet Rise are cairns, waystations that help us navigate through a grassland that has an otherworldly quality. They point us in the direction of places like balance, stewardship, and harmony. But the sculptures are not the ends in themselves, they are the windows through which we see the land framed.”

August’s episode of the Tippet Rise Podcast explores that land: the landscape that comprises and surrounds Tippet Rise. It looks at the short-grass prairie ecosystem here and includes conversations about its stewardship with Tippet Rise Ranch Manager, Ben Wynthein, as well as local ranchers Noel Keogh and Jim Anderson. To listen to the episode, read its transcript, and view related photos, click on “More info” below.