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Yetronome : Here the Yeti intrudes discovers a piano on a mountaintop and throws its metronome in the snow.

Zarathustra : As it was in 2001: A Space Odyssey, here is the beginning of the world told in music (which is played by the Yeti).

Parnassus : A small Yeti morphs from a beginning pianist into a concert artist in one short piece that Debussy wrote to show his daughter that practice makes perfect.

Schumann’s Clara : The great composer Schumann loved the young Clara Wieck, and put the simple theme she wrote into all his music (see the podcast, “Robert Schumann’s Clara Theme”).

Brahms’s Clara : The great composer Brahms also loved Clara, and raised her children while she concertized. Unfortunately, he left her. To make up, at the end of their lives he put the theme she wrote into this beautiful Scottish ballade.

Moonlight : Beethoven wrote the Moonlight Sonata upside down, with the melody in the low notes and the accompaniment in the high notes. The Yeti plays it at a life-or-death speed.

Directors: Peter and Cathy Halstead
Camera Operators: Mickey Houlihan, Dae Houlihan
Location Sound: Mickey Houlihan
Video Editor: Taylor Fraser
Audio Mastering: Gus Skinas
Transportation: Alpine Air Alaska
Location Manager: Deb Essex, Keith Essex
Piano Tuner: Dan Elrath,
Package Design: Susan Wasinger
Location: Middle Marcus Baker Mountain, Chugach Range, Alaska
April 18th, 2011
Elevation: 12,850
Music: Beethoven, coda to the Overture to Egmont, Op. 84 (1810)