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Through the Mirrors

“Through the Mirrors” is a poetic and musical evocation of the inevitability of time, inspired by W.H. Auden’s poem “As I Walked Out One Evening.” Snapshots from a woman’s life – from youth to old age – and from natural landscapes are framed and reflected in slowly spinning mirrors. At the center of it all, a solo pianist (Julien Brocal) plays music by Ravel and Mompou that, with the ebb and flow of its rubato, provides a musical narration to the woman’s story. Slow motion shots, superimposed images, and mirrored projections explore the raw beauty and unceasing flow of time and memory.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production

Director and Cinematographer: Kathy Kasic
Producer: Mickey Houlihan
Cast: Susan Heyneman, Lindsey Hinmon, Pete Hinmon
Music performed by: Julien Brocal
Music: Maurice Ravel, “Miroirs: La vallée des cloches” (1905); Federico Mompou, “Paisajes: La Fuente y la campana” (1942)
Piano Tuner: Mike Toia
Additional Cinematography: Colleen Harvey, Sarah Lanier
Sculpture: Ensamble Studio, “The Domo” (2016)
Set Design: Joe Shepard
Prop Master: Sarah Lanier
Editor: Kathy Kasic
Titles and Credits: Emily Rund
Sound Recording: Monte Nickles
Sound Mixing: Richard King, Monte Nickles
Sound Editor: Joe Shepard
Gaffer: Andrew Thie
Grip: Bob Bryan
Projection Assistant: Devanney Haruta
Inspiration and Support: Cathy & Peter Halstead