Site Sounds Opus 13

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Site Sounds Opus 13


The Site Sounds project records the ever-changing character of the land and sky at Tippet Rise, a 12,000-acre working ranch and art center near Fishtail, Montana.

Part documentation, part meditation, the project’s soundscapes, or audio and visual recordings, range from 30 to 90 minutes long. To create each soundscape, our audio engineers and filmmakers explore the Tippet Rise landscape in search of a place to record. When they find the day’s location, they set up a camera and several microphones, and then they leave, allowing the equipment to document whatever happens next.

From the sights and sounds captured in an aspen grove—birdsong, quaking leaves, cerulean sky—on a sunny June afternoon to the distant boom of an August thunderstorm with its curtains of cloud and rain moving across the wide-open prairie, each moment at Tippet Rise contrasts with the next, and then the next. Site Sounds allows us all to experience life on this land, no matter where we are.

Concept by: Zachary Patten
Cinematographer: Kevin Richey
Sound Recording and Mastering: Monte Nickles

Produced in-house at Tippet Rise Art Center