Relevance of Place: Shannon Jackson in Conversation with Heather Hart

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Relevance of Place: Shannon Jackson in Conversation with Heather Hart

Relevance of Place is an online series of site-specific dialogues that explore the meaning of place at Tippet Rise Art Center. Located in Fishtail, Montana, Tippet Rise is anchored in the belief that art, music, architecture, and nature are intrinsic to the human experience, each making the others more powerful.

Guided by Shannon Jackson, Chair of the History of Art Department at UC-Berkeley and a scholar of socially-engaged art, Relevance of Place invites artists, architects, designers, and creative thinkers to engage in conversation about the ethics, aesthetics, and relevance of place. These conversations explore “place” as a global, local, and personal concept as well as “place” as it refers specifically to Tippet Rise. In individual interviews and group dialogues, each guest offers stories and insights from their own practice. Together, they reflect on the historic past and sustainable future of Tippet Rise—as an environmental site, as a wide-ranging art center, and as a creative gathering space.

Here, Shannon Jackson interviews interdisciplinary public artist Heather Hart about the artistic and social goals of her public art practice as well as their relevance for the history and future of Tippet Rise Art Center. In this episode, Hart describes the family histories and political histories that have shaped her art-making and the multidisciplinary collaborations of her site-specific work. Watch to hear her discuss issues of community, race, and form in contemporary art as well as the complicated legacies that inform her approach to public art.

Filmed in May 2023.

Director and Producer: Eric Felipe-Barkin
Editor and Post-Production Supervisor: Matthew Peccini
Director of Photography: Robert Rudis
Drone Operator: Nathan Norby
Additional Camera Operator: Matthew Peccini
Sound Mixer: Monte Nickles
Sound Assistant: Jim Ruberto
Sound Editors: George Drabing Hicks, Kenny Kusiak
Dialogue Editor: Tom Efinger