Pioneer, Stephen Talasnik

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Pioneer, Stephen Talasnik

Pioneer is a large-scale wooden sculpture constructed at Tippet Rise Art Center by artist Stephen Talasnik. Informed by Space Architecture of the early 60’s, it was engineered by Arup and crafted by Gunnstock Timber Frames using yellow cedar from the northwestern United States. The piece is influenced by traditions of 20th century visionary architecture. This documentary examines the sculpture’s journey from inspiration to design ― problem solving, fabrication and installation. In dialogue with the natural setting of a geological “bowl,” the artist examines the influence of exploration on his creative process.

Stephen Talasnik, Pioneer

Film Director
Taylor Fraser

Djuna Zupancic
Taylor Fraser
Kathy Kasic
Axel Bauman
Jake Hanson
Billy Collins
Katie Mullen
Monte Nickles
Erik Petersen
Drew Levin
Clara Cullen

Taylor Fraser

Music Composers
Pussy Riot
Victor Tsoi
Julien Brocal
John Luther Adams

Mickey Houlihan
Monte Nickles
Jake Pickett

Sound Mixing
Mickey Houlihan
Matthew Polis
Joe Shephard