Hatzis: The Gathering, III. Nadir - Dior Quartet

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Hatzis: The Gathering, III. Nadir - Dior Quartet

Performed in July 2021 at Tippet Rise Art Center in Fishtail, MT for the Banff Evolution: Quartet 2021 Residency.

Located in Fishtail, Montana, Tippet Rise celebrates art, music, architecture, and nature: inextricably linked in the human experience, each making the others more powerful.

Hatzis, Christos: The Gathering - III. Nadir

Performed by Dior Quartet
Noa Sarid, violin
Tobias Elser, violin
Joanne Yesol Choi, cello
Caleb Georges, cello

Director: James B. Joyce
Cinematographer: Kevin Richey
Editor / Colorist: Kevin Richey
Recording Engineer: Monte Nickles, Jim Ruberto
Audio Editing: Monte Nickles, Jim Ruberto
Mix and Mastering: Monte Nickles
Production Assistant: Zachary Patten