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Literature Recital with Dr. Ben Leubner

Sunday, August 4, 2024

The Cottonwood Campus, 11:00 AM


In music, the word “recitative” means a musical declamation sung in the rhythm of ordinary speech. It is song closely tethered to spoken language. Poetry, by contrast—and especially the poetic genre of the dramatic monologue—might be likened to ordinary spoken language elevated almost to the status of music: recitative turned inside out.
Join actor and MSU professor Dr. Ben Leubner for a one hour recital of two pieces of 20th century literature at Tippet Rise. Beginning outdoors at Xylem, Leubner will recite Elizabeth Bishop’s 1971 dramatic monologue “Crusoe in England,” followed by an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s 1931 lyrical novel, The Waves, performed in the Olivier Music Barn. Both works feature their authors reflecting on the contours of life from the vantage point of age and maturity, but through the prism of a fictional character. In Bishop’s poem, that character is Daniel Defoe’s famous 18th castaway, Robinson Crusoe, while in Woolf’s novel, it is a character of her own creation. “Crusoe in England” will be performed at Francis Kéré’s Xylem, and The Waves in the Olivier Music Barn.
Please note, guests are welcome to stay and explore the artwork and spaces located in and around Tippet Rise’s main Cottonwood Campus after the event concludes. Lunch items, prepared by Samurai Sue’s Everyday Foods, may be purchased from Will’s Shed or guests may bring their own picnic.

Ben Leubner has taught literature at Montana State University since 2009. His own research focuses mainly on modernist fiction and 20th century poetry. Outside of the classroom, he has performed in several productions with Montana InSite Theatre, Bozeman Actors Theatre, and Montana TheatreWorks.