What is Tippet Rise?

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Transformative connections between music, art, and nature, set on an 11,500-acre working ranch in the shadow of the Beartooth mountains, just north of Yellowstone in Fishtail, Montana

Men no longer invoke the love of poetry. And yet never before has there been such a need for men to be transfigured, to be rescued, to be comforted by poetry.
- Wallace Stevens
Music and architecture are simply poetry by other means.
Tippet Rise opens in June of 2016.

Tippet Rise is anchored in the belief that art, music, architecture and nature are inextricably linked in the human experience. Each makes the others more powerful. One of the missions of the art center is to connect visitors with classical music and outdoor artwork in a more personal way.

Tippet Rise will feature several intimate musical performance venues whose size, shape and acoustics are inspired by many of history’s most influential music spaces. Our music program seeks to create memorable experiences for performers and audience members alike.

Alongside our music program, Tippet Rise is curating a growing collection of large-scale sculptures and other works by some of the world’s foremost artists and designers. Many are site-specific compositions for Tippet Rise, aiming to transcend the boundaries of art, nature and architecture.

Additional facilities include housing for artists-in-residence and spaces for teaching, practice and recording. Artists in residence will create original works, inspired by the land and the majestic vistas of Montana.

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Thoughtfully designed performance venues that blend with and respect the environment

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Transcending boundaries between land art, sculpture and architecture

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Curating performers at the height of their craft

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Opportunities to learn from and be inspired by great artists

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We wind up nature’s cosmic keys
To play out, on a bed of vines,
The tune of our own trees.

Where is Tippet Rise?

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Located in Fishtail, Montana, Tippet Rise is nestled in the shadows of the Beartooth Mountains, roughly midway between Billings and Bozeman and a couple hours north of Yellowstone National Park.

Nature magnifies the human spirit; human spirit magnifies nature.