Thoughtful designs blending with, and respecting, the environment


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The Olivier Barn

Watercolor by OvS

With a direct view onto the Beartooth Mountains, the Olivier Barn is inspired by the intimate performance spaces where composers like Haydn and Bach would premier their compositions. The pitched roof creates an elevated, ethereal sound, and the barn’s humble nature creates an informal space that breaks the barrier between performers and audience members, enabling powerful, direct musical experiences. The Olivier Barn is also home to Tippet Rise’s visitor’s center and a state-of-the-art screening room equipped for 4K high-definition film projection and 3D immersive sound installations.

The Olivier Barn is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Acoustician and Tippet Rise Director Alban Bassuet led the architectural design and crafted the acoustics of the performance space in collaboration with architect Laura Viklund of Gunnstock Timber Framing and Arup engineering. Local timber craftsmen and architects Gunnstock Timber Frames designed and constructed the barn using a classic timber frame assembly with all wood connections for a true rustic impression. The siting of the Olivier Barn, it’s orientation to the mountains, and relationship to the surrounding natural and built environment were designed by Oehme, van Sweden & Associates (OvS), landscape architects, who participated to create an immersive experience in the art, music and natural beauty of Tippet Rise.

Tiara Acoustic Shell

Tiara Acoustic Shell

Tiara is a portable acoustic shell that invites listeners to enjoy performances while being enveloped by the Tippet Rise landscape. Tiara’s sound-reflecting surfaces sit above musicians, rather than surrounding them — like a room with no walls. In this innovative outdoor shell concept, sound is reflected from corners above the audience, sending sound from the stage around the audience’s heads. Opening up the wall space of a typical bandshell allows stunning views of Tippet Rise’s rolling hills and the mountains in the distance. These acoustic and visual approaches create an intimate and enveloping concert experience for up to 100 audience members.

Alban Bassuet and Willem Boning designed the Tiara acoustic shell, with Arup Engineers, Gunnstock Timber Frames and Fire Tower Engineered Timber.

Tiara Acoustic Shell 2 Tiara Acoustic Shell 3
We' d like to bring this sense of fun and complicity with art, freed from the confines of the indoors, to the great spaces of the West.
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Committed to the Land and Environment

Tippet Rise’s buildings are designed with the highest standards of sustainability, for low carbon emission and net-zero energy consumption. Inside buildings, geothermal energy heats and cools, while the largest solar array in the area provides light and power. Water use is minimized by collecting, naturally purifying and re-using rain and snowmelt for irrigation. Electric vehicles and golf carts — charged with energy from a solar array — comfortably transport visitors and staff throughout the ranch. This all happens on a working cattle and sheep ranch, where land preservation and habitat restoration efforts benefit the flora, fauna and creeks upon which Tippet Rise resides.

Early engineering studies, conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers from Arup, helped identify available natural resources and sustainability strategies. All systems were designed by local civil engineers DOWL and MKK Engineering.