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Jardin Musical: Camille Thomas

Casta Diva from the opera Norma by Bellini
Performed from the rooftops of Paris by Camille Thomas, cello and accompanied by Julien Brocal, piano

A brilliant pianist and composer whose musicianship is celebrated around the world, Julien Brocal is known as much in this region for his warmth and openheartedness as he is for his music. He has performed at Tippet Rise and been an artist-in-residence here, composing and recording, walking the land, and reaching out to our neighbors in multiple ways.

Julien had planned to return to Tippet Rise in 2020, but like so many of us, he has been sheltering at home. Rather than allow these uncertain times to silence him, Julien is turning difficulty into art by creating Jardin Musical, a nonprofit organization that produces concerts in his Brussels atelier, and in other artists’ homes, and streams them online for the world to enjoy. We are honored to be partnering with Julien in this wonderful enterprise.

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